A Weekend at the Isle of Skye (Part 2)


Isle of skye

The adventurous weekend at the Isle of Skye continues! Day 2 was filled with cute towns, gorgeous landscapes, and mythical rivers. The day began with rain, but I didn’t let that get me down, I was in Scotland after all. We waved goodbye to Kyleakin and started our day by stopping at River Sligachan.

Sligachan Bridge and River:


Legend has it that if you dip your face in the river Sligachan for seven seconds you will be blessed with the gift of eternal youth and beauty. So, of course I did it because…why not? The bridge over the river was built in the 1820’s and is a great lookout point to view The Cuillins which are a range of mountains. There is also a place where there is a vast display of rock piles. If you feel so inclined you can also add your own rock pile to the collection.

**Disclaimer: use caution if you decide to dip your head in the river. The rocks are slick, the water is cold, and the river is fast moving.

Old Man of Storr:

20170924_112508 (1)

This rock formation is the most famous landmark of the Isle of Skye.  The Old man of Storr towers 50m high from a steep hill. You can walk up to the lookout out point but be warned it is a strenuous walk. The trail is all up hill and is steep in some areas. However, the views at the top of the hill are stunning and from the lookout point you can also view Loch Fada and Loch Leathan. In the picture above, the Old Man of Store in the rock formation in the background

Kilt Rock and Mealt Fall:

Kilt rock, named because the rock formation resembles pleats in a kilt, is a beautiful sea cliff in northeast Trotternish on the Isle of Skye. At the same lookout point you can see Mealt Falls. I will admit that at first, I did not see the falls even though they were right in from of me. To see the falls, you have to look down and I was so distracted from looking at Kilt Rock that I didn’t see the falls until a fellow traveler pointed it out to me.

Lealt Gorge and Lealt Fall:


This lookout point is beautiful and displays the gorge and waterfall. There is a path that you can take but use caution. There are steep cliffs and in the rain the path can be slick. Be smart and stay safe. That being said the views were spectacular.


For lunch we stopped at the picturesque town of Portee. This town is famous for its multicolored buildings that have been featured on many advertisements and postcards. The town hosts a variety of eateries, including a Fish and Chips shop located by the water. It is also home to the Royal Hotel which was the meeting place of Flora McDonald and Bonnie Prince Charles in 1746.


The Isle of Skye is a wonderful weekend destination for those wanting to see cute little towns and the rugged landscape of Scotland. I hope you found this article helpful and if you have questions feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading and Happy Travels!


***Disclaimer: I am not a professional travel agent and caution should always be used before traveling to a new country or place. Travelers should seek professional assistance before traveling. All historical facts were learned during the tour. I am not a historian and all historical facts should be confirmed before using them.


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