Top 5 Things to do in Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow is one of the biggest cities in Scotland and since it is not as touristy as the capital, Edinburgh, it makes for a great place to spend a day. I recommend if you go to Scotland to make sure you set aside a day or two for Glasgow. This industrial town may not be as famous as the capital of Scotland, but it’s charm and friendly atmosphere make it a must see. After living in Glasgow for almost a year I have found that there is always something new to see, but due to time restrictions I will tell you the top five places I recommend going to while you are here…

1. University of Glasgow

yes… I know…why do you want to see a school while you’re on vacation? Well, this school is an architectural wonder and looks like the school from the Harry Potter movies! Although it was not actually in any of the films (I double checked this) it is still one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. Also, the famous cloisters are a great place to take pictures. The school also houses the Hunterian Museum and the Hunterian Art Gallery, both of which are free for the public. The school offers tours of the school or you can spend a day walking around the campus yourself. For more information about tours visit:
2. Kelvingrove Art Museum


I have spent countless rainy days wandering the halls of this museum. The art is spectacular, and the building itself is awe inspiring. The museum also hosts a variety of artifacts including fossils, taxidermy, and an ancient Egypt room complete with a mummy. This museum is also free! For open hours visit:
3. Glasgow Botanic Garden


The gardens are a perfect place to go if it is raining because they house two gigantic glass houses filled with a variety of plants. The large white glass house houses plants from around the world in its large center chamber. The other glass house has a different theme for each room. My favorite is the room that houses a large tropical pound. There is also a Tea Room on the grounds if you want some refreshments after walking through the gardens. For open hours visit:
4. Glasgow City Center (Buchanan Street)


This large shopping area hosts a variety of tourist shops, eateries and street performances. It is within walking distance of both the Modern Art Museum, Glasgow Cathedral, and City Hall. My favorite place to visit in City Center is Glasgow Cathedral, but be warned it is a farther walk from Buchanan street so I would recommend taking a bus. During December most of the Christmas markets are also within walking distance from Buchanan Street. *Note: the photo above is of Glasgow Cathedral
5. Pollock Country Park


This park is a little far from City Center, but it is worth the bus ride. The park has miles of walking trails, a golf course, Pollock Estate and Gardens, and Highland Cows! That’s right… they have adorable highland cows. I recommend spending a morning or afternoon touring the estate and gardens then wandering to the pastures that house Clydesdale horses and Highland Cows. On specific days they have meet and greets with the cows that are housed there! For more information visit:

I hope you found this information useful and stay tuned for more fun adventures to come!

***Disclaimer: I am not responsible for external website content.


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