Month: October 2018

Traveling in Europe-Tips and Tricks to Surviving your first time Over-Seas

Okay, lets face it. Traveling can be scary, nerve-wracking, or just down right stressful. The first time I went to Europe I was so worried I would lose my passport and be stuck in a foreign country. This was especially worrisome for me because……

Joshua Tree National Park

  What do you get when you mix deserts, giant boulders, and thunderstorms? An unexpectedly adventurous trip to Joshua Tree National Park! Needless to say there were some exciting events on my trip to the park that made it a weekend I will never…

Julian, Ca

  Hello everyone! In celebration of being back in California, today I will be writing about Julian, California. Julian is a cozy little town located about an hour and fifteen minutes from San Diego. Julian started as a mining town after gold was first…

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